Other Swiss organizations in the greater Boston area:

Swissnex Boston: Swissnex Boston’s mission is to foster closer ties between Switzerland and New England in academia, industry and society. It organizes outstanding in-house events, and it is a great place to meet some of the brightest creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and academics.

The Swiss Society of Boston: A great organization to meet with Swiss expatriates who have left Switzerland for good. The Society was founded in 1865, and it has a long tradition of welcoming Swiss immigrants to the U.S.

UZH Alumni and Friends Boston: Stay in touch with UZH and your fellow alumni in the area!

ETH Alumni New England Chapter (NEC): An official subgroup of the ETH Alumni association. It connects ETH alumni in the US Northeast to their peers and to other regional alumni associations. Open to ETH alumni who have either studied or worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) for at least two semesters (one academic year).

Friends of Switzerland: Organized by Harvard Law School graduate and Massachusetts Attorney Marc Redlich. These luncheons are always great events to learn more about cutting-edge research directly from leading scholars.

HSG Alumni Club Boston: The perfect place to catch up with fellow HSG alums working, studying, or conducing research in New England. The club meets every first Monday of the month in a local Cambridge pub.

MIT europeanclub: Our club is one of the largest, most diverse and most active student activities at MIT. We currently have about 300 full members and more than 2800 associate members. Most of us are Europeans, but we also come from pretty much all other parts of the world. While the larger part of our members are graduate students and visiting scholars on a graduate level, it would not be fair to say we are just a graduate student group, because many of us are PostDocs, Visiting Scientists and also undergrads. We have a tradition of organizing a variety of events.